KE9YK Experimental Radio

Evansville, IN EM68fb

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Site Updates

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This site has changed servers and moved to a content management system.  I will try to get more information back on my site soon, but the more time spent on the web means less time for radio.....

Some of my pages that were not radio related will be moved to my personal site . That site like this one will take a while to restore.

I have been experimenting with a MEPT (Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter) on 30 meters from time to time. Right now I also have a HiFer beacon in the works for the 22 meter unlicensed experimenter band. Once the HiFer beacon is running I will have another 30m MEPT under construction. This one will be able to operate several modes and will just be fun to build and experiment with.

All of my current contact info can be found at  KE9YK


KE9YK Experimental Radio Web

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I have been experimenting on some of the unlicensed bands for a number of years and just recently put a MEPT (Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter) on 30 meters. The MEPT I built is from G0UPL and is running at 5 volts pp into a multi band vertical for an ERP of about 58mW. You can check out his site on the links page.


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